Italian-American Profiles of Success: Franco Corso

Dec 13, 2013 1708

In this week's installment of Ciao Pittsburgh's Italian-American Profiles of Success, we reached all the way down south to Palm Beach, Florida to chat with Franco Corso, a pop-opera international recording artist originally from San Remo, Italy. His voice offers a blend of pop Italian and American operatic style. Known in the music circles as 'The Voice of Romance', his voice runs the range of baritone to tenor with a magical quality that seems to hypnotize and mesmerize.

His hometown, San Remo, is along the shores of the sun-kissed Italian Riviera, Ventimiglia, bordering the south of France and Monte-Carlo. His career began as a member of the local church choir at the age of 6. This inauspicious start would set the tone for the path his career would take.

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