Based on a true story: Chazz Palminteri's autobiographical 'A Bronx Tale' finds new life as a musical

Mar 04, 2019 729

BY: Brandy McDonnell

For three decades, Chazz Palminteri has been reliving his life story, first as a one-man play, later as a film and now as a Broadway musical. “It’s because they’re archetypes, these characters, the father, the son. You don’t have to be from the Bronx, you don’t have to be Italian-American. ‘A Bronx Tale’ was a huge hit in Japan; you know, figure that out. ... It just touched and it touches people … and it’s been doing that for 30 years.

The musical, I think, is the best of all,” said the writer, director and Oscar-nominated actor. The North American tour of the Broadway musical “A Bronx Tale,” which launched in October, will play Oklahoma City Tuesday through March 10 at the Civic Center.

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