Michael Carbonaro headlines and takes over Penn and Teller Theater in Las Vegas

Jun 16, 2022 326

Michael Carbonaro is a man of many talents but today he talked about his take over in Las Vegas at the Penn & Teller theater, where will be headlining his show, “Lies on Stage.” “Penn & Teller” is one of the longest running shows in Las Vegas and the two handed over the keys to Michael as they head to Australia for a few weeks. They have never handed the keys over to someone before and Michael was the chosen one by this dynamic duo.

Michael explained why he chose the title for his show, “Lies on Stage” and said it was because magicians are the only “noble liars” and that’s because they are up front and tell you that they are lying. Even though most people want to know how the magic is done, Michael enjoys being surprised and loves being left in mystery.

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SOURCE: https://cw33.com/

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