Dear friends, 2023 is coming to an end. It has been a year full of events and content, but in this last part of 2023 we are preparing big news for 2024, which for We the Italians will be a different, better year from the previous ones. Stay tuned! Since the last editorial, We the Italians has had the pleasure of participating in three different eve...

Dear friends, What a month! So many things, so many friends, so many events! It always happens in October, but this year has been extraordinary! It actually started at the end of September, when in Florence I had the honor of representing We the Italians and the Italian American community at the Made in Italy event organized by Maurizio Mancianti,...

October 14 2023 NIAF Gala in Washington, DC

October 14 2023 Italian American Reputation Lab in Washington, DC

October 13 2023 Reception at Villa Firenze in Washington, DC

October 13 2023 Transatlantic Investment Committee in Washington, DC

October 12 2023 We the Italians at the White House