We The Italians | IT and US: The tenth edition of the Video Competition Memorie Migranti (Migrant Memories)

IT and US: The tenth edition of the Video Competition Memorie Migranti (Migrant Memories)

IT and US: The tenth edition of the Video Competition Memorie Migranti (Migrant Memories)

  • WTI Magazine #5 Dec 19, 2013
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WTI Magazine #5    2013 Nov, 15
Author : Regional Museum of Emigration Pietro Conti      Translation by:


The Video Competition Memorie Migranti (Migrant Memories) arrives this year at its tenth edition. The competition was created to recover the historical memory of italian emigration in the world and foster research and study on the social, historical and economic aspects of the great exodus. Sponsored by the Museum of Emigration "Pietro Conti" with the participation of Rai Teche and of Isuc , the contest has two excellent testimonials, the italian journalists Piero Angela and Gian Antonio Stella.

"The italian emigration, a historical phenomenon almost completely absent in the textbooks" says Piero Angela "returns to be analyzed through this competition, becoming a moment of reflection and comparison with the migrations involving Italy and the world today".

According to Gian Antonio Stella "the video competition Migrant Memories is a cultural key to help us reflect on the italian emigration of the last century and the "hordes" of immigrants who arrive in Italy today. Being open to discussion must surely requires knowing our own cultural identity, strengthening the link with the land that gave birth to us, expressing common sense and values such as consistency, tolerance and sensitivity".

"The competition calls for design and production of audiovisual material drawing its inspiration from the Italian migration issues" - adds Catia Monacelli , curator and director of the Museum. "Participation is open to middle and high schools all over Italy, college students, young filmmakers from Italy and abroad, and journalists and directors in the specific category dedicated to already aired documentaries".
In these years, the project has seen the participation of both young directors and established journalists, who have produced excellent documents dedicated to this page of the Italian history.

Thanks to the publication of the series "Memorie Migranti", these valuable works have reached audiences around the world. The award is an assignment of a total sum of € 1,500.00 and the projection of the winning videos on the final day of the competition. For more information, please contact the secretariat at 0039/075-9142445, or write to info@emigrazione.it.

The competition and the technical participation can be found by visiting the website www.emigrazione.it, link "Concorso Video".