Sciascia Lectures in the World > America as Metaphor: Leonardo Sciascia’s Future Legacy

Nov 26, 2021 418

The Sciasia Lectures at San Francisco belongs to the calendar of Sciasian Lectures in the world. It is promoted by the National Committee for the Centenary of Sciascia, chaired by Senator Emma Bonino, and by the Amici di Leonardo Sciascia Association, in collaboration with the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and the Institute for the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani, under the patronage of the MAECI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation). The program also benefits from the support of various Italian Cultural Institutes around the world.

In San Francisco, the lecture will be introduced by Annamaria Di Giorgio, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco and moderated by Valerio Cappozzo, President of the Amici di Leonardo Sciascia Association and member of the National Committee of the Sciasciano Centenary. It will focus on Leonardo Sciascia’s relationship with North American culture, the reception of his works across the Atlantic, and his exchanges with US intellectuals. The meeting will host Giulia Pellizzato (Harvard University) and Eloisa Morra (University of Toronto) and it will be held in English.

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