Italians in Baltimore: Featuring the Neighborhood of ‘Little Italy’ (Book Review)

Nov 24, 2020 241

Suzanna Rosa Molina has done it again! She authored another very entertaining book about the Italians in Baltimore. As expected, the celebrated “Little Italy” neighborhood, just east of Harborplace, is at its centerpiece. The book features plenty of terrific photographs, along with detailed family and historical notes. Its title is: “Images of America: Italians in Baltimore.” Molina separated her book into six chapters of about equal lengths. “Immigrants and Families” comes first.

She includes in this chapter photos of immigrants on the steamship leaving their homes in Italy and/or Sicily; arriving in America; settling in the U.S. with their young families at their sides; enjoying their weddings; at ease in the back yards of their homes in Baltimore with their families and kids; and she even presents a copy of an immigrant’s “certification of citizenship.”

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