'You live your life, and you live it well': Matt Parisi, 24, remembered as an inspiration

Jul 28, 2022 846


Every wheelie was pointing up at Matthew Parisi. With the lead rider standing on his seat on one leg, 30 motorcycles ripped up Howard Street on Sunday. Heading away from downtown and up Akron's North Hill, they passed the intersection where Parisi wrecked his motorcycle and broke his back in 2019.

Parisi was thrown from his bike after hitting a curb. The other vehicle involved fled the scene and has never been found. His body hit a utility pole. The doctors said he'd probably never walk again. But Parisi, who was 21 at the time, lived without limits. His life was a full-throttled dedication to God, his friends and family, and the extreme. 

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SOURCE: https://eu.beaconjournal.com/

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