Primo Levi at 100: If This Is a Man

May 23, 2019 1169

To commemorate the centennial of the author’s birth, writers, performers, and scholars gather for a multilingual, full-length reading of his seminal memoir. “Many people—many nations—can find themselves believing, more or less consciously, that “every stranger is an enemy.””—Primo Levi, preface to "If This Is a Man'.

In 1947, just three years after he was liberated from Auschwitz, Primo Levi published "If This Is a Man", an unsparing account of his 11 months of internment in the death camp. The book had, at first, faced difficulty finding a publisher, and upon its initial publication, sales were modest. Yet ten years later, when it was re-published, his first-hand account of survival was embraced by an international audience.

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