Room for more than one flag in country

Mar 10, 2017 824

In a recent letter to the editor related to the controversy surrounding flags flown at Greenwood High School, one writer stated, “Only the American flag should be allowed to fly (in the U.S.). No other.” I disagree and, in fact I proudly fly the flag of Italy on Oct. 12, in observance of Columbus Day. It is not meant to slight the American flag or our country and, in fact, I display it below Old Glory as is proper.

I also use the occasion to celebrate my Italian heritage. Both sets of grandparents emigrated from Italy to America. My father’s parents arrived in 1901 and my maternal grandparents followed in 1913. They proudly made America their home; all four obtained their citizenship and learned to speak and write English. My father’s father was a farmer and a part-time contractor while my mother’s dad was a chef all of his life. Together, they raised 13 children -- six girls and seven boys. Five of the males served in the military in World War II; three of them, including my father, returned home after suffering serious wounds in battle. The other two saw action in the Korean conflict.

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