The association "Fogolâr Furlan Nevada - Utah - Arizona" collaborated with women of the Russian-Ukrainian Community of Las Vegas to collect essentials in support of the Ukrainian people

Mar 17, 2022 408

BY: Ilaria Rispoli

The Fogolâr Furlan Nevada - Utah - Arizona provides connections to Friulians emigrants and their descendants residing in Nevada, Utah and Arizona with their land of origin, the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy. The aim is to connect people (Friulians, descendants and supporters), preserve the awareness of the Friulian identity, promote our Region, organize activities to fortify the connections with our homeland and with other associations of the States of Nevada, Utah, Arizona.

It has been instituted just over a year ago in Las Vegas, it has 15 members by far, however it is part of the worldwide network led by the "Ente Friuli nel Mondo", a no-profit institutionalized organization headquartered in Udine, Italy. 

Thanks to the social media network and the fast-spreading of the news of our little initiative, in less than a week we were able to collect essentials in support of the Ukrainian people.  We donate the goods to the women of the Russian-Ukrainian community of Las Vegas that were collecting them to ship in Poland as soon as possible.

The collected essentials were successfully shipped through an international shipping company and distributed by the Red Cross and other Humanitarian associations that are helping the Ukrainian people in Poland.

The meeting in Las Vegas between the two communities was very emotional. The Ukrainian women shared with the Fogolâr members their family’s situation there, their struggle, and their fear about this war, the fear of not being able to see their families anymore. There was a mutual sense of brotherhood and solidarity that day, feelings have no color or nationality.

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