'It's classic Saint Pasta': Everything to know about the truck's move to downtown Phoenix

Dec 09, 2020 1207

BY: Tirion Morris

Italian-American food company Saint Pasta, started by Joe Cetrulo and Racan Alhoch, gained a cult-like following after opening in 2019. Now, vodka sauce fans will be able to find the pasta truck in downtown Phoenix. Saint Pasta is planting the company's food truck at The Pemberton House, a historic home owned by Jonathon Vento and his real estate development company True North Studio.

Saint Pasta has done some shuffling and Cetrulo is no longer involved. However Vento, independent from True North, is now a partner in Saint Pasta, according to Alhoch. Alhoch will also be opening a cocktail trailer, which will join the pasta truck outside The Pemberton House. A brick-and-mortar Saint Pasta location is still in the works, but plans for that are about a year off, Alhoch says. 

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SOURCE: https://eu.azcentral.com

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