Complete departure for Seattle Opera La Traviata

Feb 10, 2017 989

If you came to the Seattle Opera prepared for a traditional production of La Traviata, then you were in for a shock. Their recent production was highly modern, and definitely not traditional; everything from the spare staging and strobe lights for party scenes, to the use of modern costumes - even stocking feet, and the location of the protagonists at times out in the audience near the orchestra pit, deviated from the expected.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the casting of Alfredo as a geeky, indecisive bookworm. Another interesting detail was the inclusion of a young girl to portray Alfredo’s sister, which is not often done. Since consideration for his sister is a critical part of why Violetta must make a huge sacrifice, seeing an actress on stage playing the sister gives a more personal touch to the relationship.

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