Isabella Rossellini Is Bringing a Really Cool Dog to Seattle

Jan 04, 2019 820

BY: Chase Burns

Isabella Rossellini has become something of a surrealist Jane Goodall. Rossellini has always lived a unique life—but in the last decade, the 66-year-old actress and model has taken perhaps her most peculiar turn: She's become one of the world's foremost lecturers on animal fucking.

Her interest in the science behind animal fucking was first broadcast through her bizarre late-2000s TV series Green Porno, which was about animal sexual behavior. It aired on the Sundance Channel for three seasons. In these surprisingly popular videos, Rossellini dressed in whimsically creepy costumes as all sorts of animals—bees, spiders, praying mantises—and, in her iconic cadence that sounds like an Italian James Attenborough reading a romance novel, she'd describe the wild ways animals get off.

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