Onions bind Walla Walla and Italian town seeking sister city status

Dec 08, 2015 936

Cannara, Italy, and Walla Walla hope to become sister cities. A friendship-pact signing ceremony will take place Tuesday 10:45 a.m. at City Hall, 15 N. Third Ave. The push for sisterhood with Cannara came from Walla Walla onion growers and Council member Jim Barrow, who recently toured Cannara. Signing for Cannara will be Antonio Baldaccini, a businessman from the town in central Italy.

The sisterhood pact must be approved by the Italian government before it becomes final, city officials said. Like Walla Walla, Cannara is know for its onions. An 11-day onion festival there in September attracts up to 150,000 participants. The pact between the two cities will include promotion of each other's culture and products, with an emphasis onions, and the development of a youth exchange program.

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Source: http://union-bulletin.com/

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