The Reputational Shift of Italian American Stereotypes As Analyzed by the Italian American Reputation Lab (IARL)

Oct 27, 2022 601

“The Italian American Reputation Lab is a research initiative launched to monitor and assess the reputation values of Italy and Italian Americans also as vehicle to combat the dissemination of false information and making the web a more safe and secure place for the production and the distribution of knowledge. IARL’s methodology is grounded on a series of objective analysis developed in machine learning through a patented AI process. All the documents and data are formatted in 5 operational Drivers in relation to 5 specific Stakeholder groups”. Stated Davide Ippolito, IARL founding partner, and director of Reputation Research Inc. 

The perception of the Italian Americans’ reputation has been the subject of various cultural leaps throughout the history. If just until 30 years ago the major dis­cussions on the Italian American themes were about mafia-culture and the underworld crime (also fed by the stereotypes created and promoted by the Film and TV industries), today the perception of the Italian American community is rapidly changing. Said Umberto Mucci, IARL founding partner and President of “We the Italians”. 

As described in the 2022 Report, presented October 29th, 2022 at the National Italian American Foundation Gala Washington DC - USA, the reputation of Italian Americans in the world has improved by 38.3% in the last thirty years. In the USA media environment (traditional and social), the Italian Americans is the third Community for number of mentions and the first at European-descendance, even more than the German Americans and the Ireland Ameri­cans which both have twice the number of US citizens (50M). 

"We are honored to host during our annual event the presentation of the first report on the reputation of Italian Americans in the United States. This is a very interesting study on a relevant theme aimed to improve the relations between the USA and Italy while also providing structured information to companies looking at investing in America, which is also part of our organization’s mission” - stated Robert V. Allegrini, President of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF). 

IARL is the brainchild of We the Italians, a media company dedicated to improving the knowledge and the relationship between Italy and the US, and Zwan a boutique firm specialized in Reputation Assessment and Reputation Marketing Strategies, in collaboration of Reputation Research Inc. More information

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