Tech entrepreneur Salvatore Camarda

Jan 20, 2017 900

What do Microsoft, GE, and the Chicago Police Department have in common? They're all working to reach community and team members in a more meaningful way with the help of a Chicago-born tech entrepreneur with deep Sicilian roots. MeetApp North America co-founder and CEO Sal Camarda has taken his smartphone app from a lean startup to a company boasting some of the most powerful and well-known clients in the world in just over a year.

While MeetApp boasts a variety of features and services, Camarda puts it simply: "We're trying to solve problems using a vehicle people understand, and that's your smartphone." Camarda has spent some 17 years in tech with an emphasis on user experience and human/computer interaction in an effort to find more meaningful ways for people to connect with their own personal technology. While working for a large Chicago-based tech company, Camarda decided to take a chance on an idea of his own. "Sometimes you just can't be afraid to take the risk," Camarda says.

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