MADE IN NEVADA: Pasquale Iovinella

Apr 28, 2019 771

BY: Noah Bond

Finding high-quality Italian handcrafted ties and accessories in the Biggest Little City is now easy. All you have to do is log onto the Pasquale lovinella website. He spends hours on the second floor of his Damonte Ranch home, where makes ties one cut and stitch at a time. He uses the skills he learned as a child in his Italian hometown of Orta Di Atella, which is a roughly 17-mile-drive north of Naples.

Pasquale most recently traveled to Como, Italy in April 2019 to personally select silk fabrics for his ties. One of Pasquale's many customers is Dr. Andrew Pasternak. His Italian mother-in-law, who prides herself in knowing how to identify high-quality clothing, gave him one of Pasquale's signature ties as a gift.

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