University of Oregon to Expore Italian Culture and Language

Mar 04, 2013 1451

From April 11th to April 14th, the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon in Eugene will be hosting the 2013 American Association of Italian Studies Conference. Scholars, intellectuals and writers who research and contribute to Italian literature and cultural studies will take part in a substantive exchange of ideas and expertise. Check out the program of events here.
Literature, art, art history, philosophy, music, photography: the conference floor will be wide open for intriguing and enjoyable discussions about the special contribution that Italy has made to world culture and literature. I'll be attending the conference, as well as speaking with Italians and Italian-Americans in Portland on Friday, April 12th.
I look forward to meeting the many Oregonians who identify with Italian heritage and culture, as well as getting to know the communities of Portland and Eugene, the storybook "Emerald City" of the Northwest and home to the legendary Oregon Ducks.

by Mauro Battocchi

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