Made in Hoboken: Two Italian family businesses still do it the old-fashioned way

Nov 12, 2014 673

The factories of Hoboken's industrial past may be a distant memory, but there are still places where products are Hoboken made. Keeping tradition alive, Fiore's Deli House of Quality has made its creamy mozzarella, and Dom's Bakery Grand, its crusty Italian bread, the same way for decades.

At Fiore's, the day's special is always the homemade mozzarella. "Of course mozzarella," says owner John Amato. "Gotta have mozzarella." Every week, the deli serves Virginia ham and mozzarella on Monday, corned beef and mozzarella on Tuesday, hot sausage and mozzarella on Wednesday, hot roast beef and mozzarella on Thursday, and tuna fish and mozzarella on Friday. 

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