Vic Rallo brings his ‘Italian table’ to public television

Jul 01, 2013 1432

by Jim Bessman

There are tables, and then there's what New Jersey restaurateur/raconteur Vic Rallo calls "the Italian table." "The 'Italian table' is the place where family and friends gather not only to eat and drink but to catch up, cry, sing, love and laugh," says Rallo. "This is lost in America as most dads and moms work to get ahead, while children are very involved in sports, theater, and other extracurricular activities. Most dinners are on-the-go--out of a bag or a plastic container. But in Italy, the Italian family dinner is not a choice: It's a mandate from mama and papa!"

Rallo is now set to host Eat! Drink! Italy! With Vic Rallo, a new public television series celebrating Italy's food, people, history, wine and culture.

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