Cosentino's brings stone-fired pizza, crowds to Portage County town

Jul 19, 2019 360

Stone-fired pizza has come to Rootstown as Cosentino’s Stone Oven Pizzeria welcomes its first customers. The new take-out pizza restaurant opened July 1, and David Cosentino, co-owner and chef, said business has been booming since then. “It’s been extremely busy,” he said. “Amazing. I’m thankful for that and thankful our staff has put in a lot of hard work in the heat. They’ve really stepped up to get us through this.”

At one point, Cosentino said, he had run out of space to store pizzas waiting to be picked up while, at the same time, customers trailed in a line out the front door. The other partners forming the ownership company, Millcos Hospitality Group LLC, are Paul Miller and Evelyn Naylor.

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