End of a quarter-century era for L’Hostaria Ristorante

Oct 22, 2021 233

BY: Erica Robbie

One of Aspen’s most beloved and longest-running local establishments, L’Hostaria Ristorante, is saying ciao after 25 years of nourishing the community. The Italian restaurant and bar, locally referred to fondly as simply “L’Host,” will close for good on Nov. 5, owner Tiziano Gortan announced Wednesday.

In reflecting upon the past quarter century, the Italian native said he feels “honored and humbled to have had this opportunity.” “At the beginning, it was more like an American dream — I’m going to go to Aspen, open a restaurant, sell it, make money,” Gortan said Wednesday. “But that changed drastically after my first five years.”

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SOURCE: https://www.aspendailynews.com/

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