Homemade flavors at Giovanni's keeps them coming back

Nov 23, 2015 462

by Molly Reitter

It's a tale of two restaurants. One side is redolent of a corner New York City pizza joint, with bright red walls, black-and-white checkerboard flooring and a walk-up counter. It is vibrant, busy and extremely aromatic. The other side is like walking into a secret; think drippy candles in Chianti bottles and Frank Sinatra crooning in a corner.

The light is dim, the hardwood floors gleam and patrons snuggle into seats, spirited away from the hustle and bustle, as they are leisurely waited on by a friendly server. There's a reason for the split personality: the two sides were opened at separate times. 

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Source: http://www.huntersvilleherald.com/

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