Restaurant Review: Giulia

Jul 19, 2019 590

BY: Jason DeRusha

Maybe because I spent my high school years as a wannabe actor, or maybe because I spend my grown-up years as a TV news anchor, I’m always drawn to the dramatic. A restaurant is theater, isn’t it? The set design, the lighting, the stage itself—all combine to create an experience, not just a meal. Downtown Minneapolis’ newest hotel restaurant Giulia gets that: a stunning room with soaring white marble columns, perfect lighting to set the mood, and a team of marquee stars in the kitchen.

Yes, we’ve seen chef Steven Brown, from Tilia and St. Genevieve, in the kitchen at Giulia, along with the resident chef Josh Hedquist (formerly of Copper Hen and Spasso). Both have teamed up for a tight, northern Italian menu that focuses on clean, simple ingredients.

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