Sabatino's Italian Ristorante Is Serving Some Of The Freshest Pasta In South Dakota

Mar 14, 2024 804

Have you ever tried fresh pasta? No, I mean fresh pasta – the kind made in-house by the loving hands of a chef and/or someone’s nonna. If not, well, we’re in luck – I found a spot serving up what might be the most delicious, freshest pasta in South Dakota, and you’ll find it in Rapid City in an unassuming little restaurant that might otherwise be a little too easy to overlook.

It’s called Sabatino’s Italian Ristorante, and honestly, it could be one of the downright best places to eat in South Dakota. I personally find the exterior to be just as cute as the interior. The paint, the overall architectural style of the place it's hidden away in - there's just something charming about it.

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