Storia della cucina italiana: Pellegrino Artusi and the Birth of Modern Italian Cuisine

Jan 07, 2022 400

Saturday, January 22nd. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST. LIVE FROM ITALY. Online Via Zoom. Conversation will be in English. Sign up here. Organized by the Italian Cultural Center in MInneapolis. Join us for the last in the series of educational workshops that will make you feel as if you have graduated from an Italian culinary history class!

Thirty years after the political unity of the country, Artusi and his celebrated cookbook made a fundamental contribution to the widening of the "network" of the Italian gastronomic culture. For centuries, the Italian cuisine had remained limited to the aristocratic courts, but thanks to Artusi's book, it became a collective heritage of the nation.

This amazing introduction to the famous Italian cuisine will be led by Italian Professor, Massimo Montanari. Professor Montanari is an internationally-known leading expert in Italian cuisine.

SOURCE: Italian Cultural Center in MInneapolis

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