Beautiful Italian-American abundance at Molinari’s in Dorchester

Jan 05, 2017 637

By Sheryl Julian

At Molinari's, a friendly new restaurant in Adams Village in Dorchester, don't expect small portions or those delicate Northern Italian specialties so trendy right now. Owner Jeffrey Cincotta's roots are of the red-sauce, abbondanza ("plenty") variety. Plates here are heaping, as if you were at Nonna's table.

That's where Cincotta began cooking, or at least watching. His grandmother Ida Molinari made dinner every Sunday in her Waltham kitchen. Sometimes she told him to run outside and dig up dandelions in the backyard. Later he continued his education at the Culinary Institute of America, and spent 22 years working as a chef in country clubs. "I wanted to put our good Italian food out to the public," he says. "I wanted a neighborhood."

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