The Best Italian Food in New Hampshire…By a Dam Site

Mar 18, 2024 849

If you’re making a list of the best Italian food in New Hampshire, this hidden gem in Bennington had better be on it. I’m talking about Alberto’s Italian Restaurant in Bennington, NH. Or Bat’s, if you’re a local. They bill themselves in a very tongue-and-cheek way as “Best Food By a Dam Site,” due to the fact that they’re a stone’s throw from the Monadnock Paper Mills along the Contoocock River. They’re also just a few miles down the road from Crotched Mountain Resort, which is how I happened upon them.

Years ago, I was at Crotched hosting an apres-ski party at the Onset Pub. After a day of skiing and riding with my then-9-year-old and a two-hour apres marathon, we were hungry for more than just pub grub. Someone mentioned there was a family-style Italian restaurant a few miles down the road. 9-year-olds love pizza, and so do I, so I figured it would be a safe bet.

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