Gioia opening on New Haven's Wooster Street with restaurant, market and gelataria

Sep 19, 2023 374

Gioia of New Haven, the upcoming multi-use space featuring an Italian restaurant, market and gelataria, plans an Oct. 19 opening on Wooster Street. Restaurateurs Tim Cabral of Ordinary and Avi Szapiro of the former ROÌA, have partnered with Anthony and Gerard Bianco (A&G Contracting) to bring the concept to life. The new venue at 150 Wooster Street formerly housed Tony and Lucille's, which closed in 2019.

“We are ready to welcome the community to our fun and casual space, whether it's dining in our restaurant, grabbing a prepared meal or provisions from our market or enjoying a sweet treat from the gelateria window,” said Cabral in a statement. “We’ve leaned into our namesake of ‘Gioia,’ which means ‘joy!’ in Italian, in our food and beverage menu, décor and more, and we promise that this colorful, spirited environment will be one you want to visit time and time again.”

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