Member-based Italian supper club coming to South Norwalk from former Rowayton Seafood manager

Nov 21, 2023 678

BY: Layla Schlack

Josie & Tony's will bring a new style of dining to South Norwalk in the 20 North Main St. space that used to house Pasta Nostra. Owner Josh Mesnik said that he wanted to create a private membership dining club to provide more tailored customer service and a high-end experience. But non-members will also be able to dine there.

"It's exciting, it's different," Mesnik said. "It really allows you like the level of hospitality that I like to like to be able to give my guests...It's personalized. It's fun. It's a style." According to a news release, a limited number of reservations will be given to non-members, who will also be able to eat at the bar or in the lounge area without a reservation.

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