Newport Food Scene: Sardella's celebrates 43 years of success with prices out of 1980

Apr 09, 2023 574

BY: Dan Lederer

Forty-three years is a long time. That’s over four decades - a whole quadrennial (plus three). If 43 is your age, it means you're approaching the end of early middle age and moving towards your late middle ages. At 43, you are well-seasoned, but still in your prime. If you are 43, it means that Jimmy Carter was president when you were born. Gas at the time was about $1.19 a gallon (regular or unleaded).

Forty-three years ago, Terry Bradshaw was the Super Bowl MVP, Walkman’s were the newest technology and the Fonz was cool-a-mundo. It was a different time. It was 43 years ago in 1980 that a new Italian restaurant opened up here in Newport on Memorial Boulevard. It was called Sardella’s and it had a menu inspired by owner Richard Sardella’s family roots which came from Italy. 

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