Vincent Ferraro, Twirling at Glenville Pizza Since 1976

Feb 09, 2016 1315

Sitting down in the pizza parlor he has run for 40 years, owner Vincent Ferraro recalls the leap of faith it took to purchase the business for $15,000 back in 1976. Vincent was just 23 when he bought out "USA Pizza," and renamed it Glenville Pizza. But the young entrepreneur was good with numbers, understood pizza making and already had honed his act. His twirling act, to be specific.

The bit of theater came about when Vincent was about 13 and hung around Luigi's pizza parlor in Harrison, NY. "I was one of seven kids in my family, so there was no spending money," he recalled. "I loved pizza, but I never had any money." Vividly recalling that pizza was 25¢ a slice, $1.75 for a large and $1.35 for a small pizza at Luigi's, he said he always loved pizza.

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