Pastore, a chic Italian seafood restaurant, is Underbelly’s first opening since Chris Shepherd split

Jul 02, 2023 572

BY: Bao Ong

The coastal Italian restaurant Pastore is unlike any other in Underbelly Hospitality’s portfolio. On the design side, shades of mocha-colored leather and wood panels fit for a corporate boardroom fill the spaces at Georgia James and GJ Tavern.

The menu at both restaurants and the group’s more casual Wild Oats is a meat-lover’s paradise: a Flintstones-like bone marrow bubbling with collagen, a charred rib-eye for $175 and a serving of chicken-fried steak the size of a mini iPad are just a few dishes. If these establishments ooze a masculine energy, then Pastore offers a more feminine aesthetic that’s been missing for Underbelly’s customers, said the company's president Nina Quincy.

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