Gaetano's Sub Shop: The Little Sub Shop on State Street

Feb 10, 2022 317

BY: Kara Dempsey

Not all fast-casual sub sandwiches are created equal. Most can be gimmicky, packed with an obnoxious amount of condiments or plain boring. This is not the case for Gaetano’s Sub Shop. The dark, brick building with tasteful graffiti art on either side is nestled between a tattoo parlor and a used car dealership.

Blending into the scenery across from Salt Lake Community CollegeGaetano’s is a convenient spot for students, commuters and passersbys to grab lunch, dinner or a quick snack. The interior is homey with plenty of indoor seating, and if you happen to be running a little late, they offer a perfect street-side window for an after-hours order pickup.

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