Salt Flats Out, Italian Java In

Jan 11, 2015 722

By Ted Scheffler

Utah's first Illy Artisti del Gusto location, Caffe 222 (801-561-3018), has opened at 222 Main downtown. It will occupy the space that was the short-lived home to Sonny Bryan's BBQ and the even shorter-lived Salt Flats Grill & Taproom. Maybe the third time's a charm.

"The opportunity to be aligned with Illy has been a goal since we first began seeking a location for our Bistro 222 restaurant—also in the 222 Main building," says Caffe 222's Steve Pruitt. "And though Illy initially thought the market too small, the space continued to call for what we have envisioned ... it took time to sell Salt Lake City [to Illy] as a viable market."

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