Sfizio Modern Italian Kitchen brings together food and family

Aug 26, 2022 294

BY: Allison Brown

Rocco Pezzano and his son, Marco, combine food, family, traditional flavors and modern culinary creations with Sfizio, a scratch-kitchen restaurant with an authentic, Italian focused menu. Rocco was born and raised in southern Italy. At 18, he got his first job working at a bakery and then a pizza place, where he fell in love with the food. Then, at 23, Rocco moved to the states and opened up his own restaurant.

Rocco said restaurants and food are what he knows best and it’s something he is passionate about. For him, food has always had a connection to family. He said he remembers his whole family being together, talking, laughing and sharing stories, and it was always over food. 

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SOURCE: https://www.thefoothillsfocus.com

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