A visit to Roma Imports is like taking a trip around the world

Jul 25, 2022 298

BY: Rita Connelly

Full disclosure. I am a big fan of Roma Imports. I don’t visit the tiny shop often but when I do I walk out of there with boxes and bags of enough food to keep my freezer well stocked for months. The thing is, I’m not alone when it comes to shopping at Roma. Just about everyone I know does the same thing. The tiny parking that sits in front of the whitewashed building fills up pretty fast during certain hours of the day, fortunately, there is plenty of street parking.

There is really only one room here, but the back section, affectionately named “La Taverna,” is comprised of tables with red checkered tablecloths. At lunchtime, they fill up fast with people enjoying the many sandwiches and such found on the restaurant menu. The staff is happy that the restaurant part has reopened because they missed the lively chatter and activity during the pandemic closure.


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SOURCE: https://tucsonfoodie.com

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