Digging up records in Italy

Apr 14, 2016 937

At some point in your research, you have unearthed everything you need about the relatives you've know personally, and now you're working on finding out about their parents and grandparents. These are folks who died before you were born or never left Italy and, as a result, you never met them. With no direct access, you must rely exclusively on Italian records to find the birth, marriage and death information on grandma's grandparents.

So if you don't have the beginning of a clue regarding what year to look for, how do you start? Step one is that you need to know the birth year of at least one of a particular family born in Italy. Your grandparent was born, for example, in 1905. But you know his older brother was born in 1901. This is the oldest sibling you know about, so you should start there.

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