'Viva, Italia!' for a day at the Abilene Public Library

Oct 14, 2020 1132

BY: Janis C. Test

If you happen to work for the federal government, then you have a day off from work today, in honor of Columbus Day. You might want to use part of this holiday to come by your Main or South Abilene Public Libraries to find some good books, movies or more about Italy and/or the contributions Italian-Americans have made to our culture, food and more. Or perhaps your ancestry includes branches in Italy – we can help there too!

“The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Italy” by Melanie D. Holtz is an in-depth guide to walk you through the journey of tracing your Italian family both in the United States and in Italy. 

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SOURCE: https://eu.reporternews.com

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