Emilia Romagna, the complete guide

Aug 21, 2023 307

BY: Noemi Curti

Emilia Romagna, region of art and history, culture and tradition, good food and kindness. Visiting it all would take a long time, and believe us, it would be worth it. However, if you want to visit the main cities of Emilia-Romagna you can do so in a week. What will you need? A means of transportation, a navigator or a map and a great desire to walk, explore and be amazed by the richness of this territory. 

Reggio Emilia, the city of the tricolor. Let’s start with a curiosity: why is Reggio Emilia nicknamed “City of the tricolor”? This name earned it because, in 1797, here was adopted the banner that later became the national flag. About this, in the city you can visit the Sala del Tricolore and the Museo del Tricolore. Reggio Emilia is certainly less famous than other cities in Emilia but absolutely worth a visit. 

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SOURCE: https://italian-traditions.com

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