Gelato Festival World Ranking: the best gelato shop in the world is in Italy

Jul 17, 2022 836

There are six Italian gelato shops in the top ten of the Gelato Festival World Ranking. The winner is Marco Venturino of "I Giardini di Marzo" in Varazze in the province of Savona, Liguria, who won the competition among more than 5 thousand competitors from all over the world. The ranking was based on the results of dozens of events over the past 11 years in which each gelato maker obtained a certain score, which then competed for position in this final global list.

Marco Venturino won with "Bocca di Rosa": a flavor created as a sweet homage to the famous song by Genoese singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, with a very delicate flavor given by the perfect mix of white chocolate and rose water, which was inspired by the Slow Food Presidium of Rose Syrup, an ancient product of Genoese tradition. His is a gelato shop based on fresh, wholesome, zero-mile ingredients.

On the podium, in third place is another Italian, Giovanna Bonazzide "La Parona del Gelato" in Parona in the province of Verona in Veneto. Hers is a tasty gelateria fruit of excellent raw materials with which she also reinterprets traditional classics. Among her celebrated successes is the "Romeo and Juliet's Kiss" flavor, and that is gelato with almond and cocoa Veronese pastries with hazelnuts and a splash of amaretto liqueur.

Separate mention for Eugenio Morrone of Rome's "Il Cannolo Siciliano" gerlato shop, which had achieved first place in 2020 and in the same year won the gold medal at the Gelato World Cup. He passes by right into the Gelato Festival World Ranking "hall of fame": he will no longer participate in upcoming competitions as a competitor but will become one of its qualified judges.

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