The history of Ferrari: between myths and victories of the prancing horse

Mar 14, 2021 562

There is nothing more Italian than a bright red Ferrari. A sporty yet luxurious car. A car suitable for the red carpet of social events, or sporting events and classic car rallies. Ferrari is like a diamond: it is forever! Whoever travels in a Ferrari has a unique experience. Sports car enthusiasts swear they have never experienced anything like it when they get behind the wheel of a Ferrari. 

The high speed, the rapidity, the thunderous roar of the engine. All factors that release adrenaline and serotonin into our bodies: the molecule of happiness. Ferrari is a legend that speaks Italian, but travels in the world. It is almost 100 years old and bears the name of Enzo Ferrari, the founding father of one of the most important racing teams and car manufacturers in the world. 

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