Italy begins human trials of covid-19 vaccine in Rome

Aug 25, 2020 418

Human trials of an Italian-developed covid-19 vaccine have begun on volunteers at Rome's Spallanzani hospital on 24 August, reports Italian news agency ANSA. The first person to volunteer for the vaccine, a 50-year-old woman, was inoculated at 08.30 this morning at the Spallanzani, a specialist centre for infectious diseases which has played a central role in battling Italy's coronavirus crisis.

The woman said she was "excited and proud" to be the first volunteer to take the vaccine and hopes that it will help to "save lives," ANSA reports. After being observed by doctors for four hours, the woman will return home and be monitored for the next 12 weeks, said hospital director Francesco Vaia, who stated that if the trials go well a vaccine could be ready on a commerical basis by next spring.

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