Italy Welcomes Big John, The Largest Triceratops In The World

Mar 17, 2021 240

BY: Gaia Zol

An Italian team of paleontologists is piecing together this triceratops skeleton. And it’s official: it’s the biggest dinosaur. Ever. The team is working in the labs of Zoic, a company from Trieste. Flavio Bacchia and his team are responsible for reconstructing Big John, the triceratops. A dinosaur od records.

The details of the Triceratops

The paleontologists didn’t decide this was a record overnight. First, they asked researchers from the University of Bologna to study the skeleton. Indeed, this is the biggest Triceratops yet. Here are the numbers:

- The skull has a length of 98 feet and a width of 78
- The restoration will be over, its length will be 322 feet

Everything confirms it: there is no one like Big John.

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