Remembering Italian industrialist Adriano Olivetti

Oct 17, 2017 880

BY: Claudia Astarita

Adriano Olivetti was a multitasking person indeed and everything he did he was quite successful. He was not “only” an urbanist, editor, writer and entrepreneur but he was also a great supporter of technology and corporate social responsibility. Adriano Olivetti was also one of the strongest opponents of Fascist Regimein Italy and he converted his company into one of the headquarters of the Resistance.

In 1924, he graduated from Turin Politecnico in chemical engineering and started working at his father company, i.e. Olivetti. Young Adriano was meant to make the difference in that environment, being interested by the heated social and political debates of his time and being around several reformist and liberal minds, such as Piero  Gobetti and Carlo Rosselli.

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