The road of brigands, trekking between Abruzzo and Lazio

May 02, 2022 213

The Briganti Trail is a trekking route between Abruzzo and Lazio, in the frame of the Central Apennines, which crosses a wild and uncontaminated nature, facing old mule tracks and descending into the atmosphere of medieval villages.

But it is also a border route: the border in the History of Italy, when the Sabaudians entered the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, in the path towards unification; the geographical border between the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Papal States, where the brigands moved from one side to the other on horseback, fighting the newcomers; the blurred border between justice and injustice, between the clandestinity chosen by those who could not afford the new taxes and kidnappings and abuses, facts and suffered.

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