Rome in Residence Study Abroad: A UWT student’s perspective

Apr 27, 2022 184


In late March, I hopped on my first international flight to attend a quarter-long study abroad in Rome, Italy. With course options focusing on art history, communications, architecture, creative writing and the Italian language, the “Rome in Residence” program through UW Seattle seemed like the perfect way to try something new, as I have been solely taking Milgard School of Business courses for my management major.

Between the opportunity to study at a UW school abroad – the UW Rome Center – and the ability to get core courses out of the way, I was sold and eager to live in a foreign country for ten weeks. When I first arrived, I was proud that I defeated the imminent threat of jet-lag. In a bit of a fever dream, I was able to make it to my hotel and grab some food. 

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