The story of St Francis of Assisi and a trip to the basilica dedicated to him

Oct 04, 2021 884

BY: Monica Auteri

The story of St Francis of Assisi, patron of Italy, is among the most popular stories of the religious world. His story is very old but still today it is referenced as example of humility and great faith. The Basilica of St Franci, founded following his death is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Built in 1229, every year thousands of worshippers come here from everywhere in the world: so here it is, the story of St Francis of Assisi and his basilica.

St Francis of Assisi is one of the most religious figures in Italy: he was born in Assisi between 1181 and 1182 from a wealthy family of merchants. A fun fact is that, when he was born his father, Pietro di Bernardone, was on a business trip in France and initially the newborn was named Giovanni. When the father returned home, he decided to call him Francesco (Francis). 

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