Tuscan Valtiberina, what to see: 10 places not to be missed

Jun 07, 2024 123

Along the Tiber River, guarded by the peaks of theTuscan Apennines, lies the Valtiberina, a splendid area straddling Tuscany and Umbria, characterized by its natural beauty, its rolling hills that then give way to mountains, dense forests and verdant landscapes, and a very rich cultural history that has seen some of the greatest artists in the history of art pass through here.

Villages with thousands of years of history, masterpieces of art, untouched natural landscapes, forests, vineyards, olive groves. The Tuscan part of the Valtiberina, all located within the province of Arezzo, offers an extraordinary variety of landscapes and activities, and the surely most interesting aspect of this area consists in the fact that it is still little known to mass tourism, so a stay here can only be peaceful and authentic

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SOURCE: https://www.finestresullarte.info

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